Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why you'd name a cow

The Village has not exactly been known for its laugh-a-minute joyousness but there was a good joke in episode 3. Having learned that the rich people have names for their animals, we see dour working-class farmer Middleton (John Simm) with his six cows - which he can tell apart. If you want to see for yourself, it's at 23:00...
(POINTING TO A COW) She was my first.

You should give her a name.

(BAFFLED) She's a cow.
It raised a rare smile and, for a character not given to expressing his feelings, let us see some of his view of the world. Yet, watching Michael Wood's Christina: A Medieval Life on Sunday, it turned out it might not be quite right. 12:20 in, Chris Baldwin, a farm manager, tethers two cows to a plough and explains their importance to the medieval peasant - and also why they had names.
This is Grit and Graceful - single-syllable nearside, double-syllable offside so that when you're working the two of them they know who you're talking to.
Should have thought of that for my cats.


RedScharlach said...

I love the concept of cat-ploughing. Ideal for anyone who needs a wobbly trench scraped between their sofa and their fridge and doesn't mind spending two years and most of their sanity on achieving it.

0tralala said...

There's a bit of a garden the cats have been ploughing for some time. It looks a little like a war has been fought there. With poo.