Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Graceless on the wireless

All this week, BBC Radio 4 Extra are broadcasting my original sci-fi series Graceless. You can listen to each episode, for free, on iPlayer up to a week after broadcast. Here are some handy links to each episode:

1.1 The Sphere
1.2 The Fog
1.3 The End
2.1 The Line
2.2 The Flood
2.3 The Dark

Abby and Zara were created to search for the missing pieces of the Key to Time. But having completed their mission, they're on their own in a universe that can be dangerous and unpredictable... They have special powers - they can teleport anywhere or when, and they can get into people's heads. But more often than not, that only gets them into more trouble...

The series stars Ciara Janson, Laura Doddington and Fraser James, with a guest cast including Colin Spaull, Patricia Brake, David Warner, Michael Keating, Derek Griffiths, Michael Cochrane, Joanna Van Gyseghem and Susan Brown.

You can also buy both series from Big Finish, as well as Abby and Zara's earlier adventures in the TARDIS. Speaking of which, here's a lovely illustration for that first adventure that Brian Williamson (yes, the chap who does AAAGH!) produced for Doctor Who Magazine. Cor.
Artwork from the Judgement of Isskar by Brian Williamson
Ice Warriors, the Fifth Doctor and Amy in
The Judgement of Isskar
Art by Brian Williamson
I'm busy writing series three of Graceless at the moment, which should be released next year.


Unknown said...

Ello , Love Graceless... Who's the music by ?

Unknown said...

Loving Graceless, who is the music by ?

0tralala said...

Hello. The theme tune is by Jamie Robertson - http://www.jamierobertson.me.uk/.

Graceless I has music and sound design by Fool Circle: http://foolcircle.co.uk/

Graceless II had music and sound design by Andrew Edwards: http://bluepolicebox.com/