Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joanna Briscoe can fuck off

"We, the war children's adult offspring routinely see shrinks, talk about our IVF (all those granny-alikes wheeling their girl-boy twins round can't really avoid confessing); air our sobbing psyches to the nation on reality TV or cut-you-into-shape shows, and blame it all on environment or poor attachment."

Joanna Briscoe, "Blissful denial - I'll drink to that", Guardian, 10 April 2010, p. 35.

No, we talk about our IVF because of the stupid, cruel and idiotic things said about it by sneery fucking shitsacks like you.


Brackers said...

What a vile woman.

Garpu said...

Wow. What a completely heartless thing of her to write.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people who don't know about the pain and sacrifice people put themselves through with IVF are insensitive about it. My partner and I have been through IVF and it's hard. Not made any easier by this kind of casual obnoxiousness.

That aside the article's total crap! Did the Guardian actually pay for it?? Aren't writers supposed to have a point as well as being provocative/shitty???

bZirk said...

Wow. Her insensitivity is overwhelming.