Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Friends indeed

This morning I was wearing my dump hat. The binmen declined to take our rubbish last week 'cos there was a former shower cubicle stacked neatly beside it. So I cajoled the helpful neighbour/boss G for the use of his car.

He's bought a new, shiny car since last time we did this, so there was some careful preparation of plastic sheets. But we cleared his shed and my shower, and all in time to be at work.

Where, courtesy of Psychonomy, this beauty was waiting. It shall take pride of place on my desk at home, next to the baboon.

Ackbar the great


Rob Stradling said...

Are you sure it's not a trap?

pookess (n.): female gopher in heat.

Le Mc said...

The important question is, does that cup contain tea or coffee?

0tralala said...

Coffee. Was gearing up for a long session at work. Am still here and they're reckoning it'll go till midnight.

Le Mc said...

Darn. I knew it was coffee. It looked too brown to be tea.