Monday, November 24, 2008

How does a cat learn to love melon?

Leslie has produced The Terrible Zodin, a free fanzine to celebrate Doctor Who's 45th birthday. It includes a short story I wrote about 10 years ago but nobody else ever wanted. There's also a revealing interview with Ben Aaronovitch and an even more revealing dressable paper-doll Leela. Hooray for freezines. Everyone should make them.

Simon Holub's cover for Doctor Who and the Prisoners' Dilemma
Big Finish have revealed the cover for one of my two Doctor Who audio plays out in January - the Prisoners' Dilemma. I'm off to Chicago on Thursday for ChicagoTARDIS to pre-flog the thing, along with stars Ciara Janson and Laura Doddington and a heap of Big Finish's finest.

Just got to get all my chores done before I go. Sent Davy some quotes from the Judgment of Isskar for using the preview in Doctor Who's Magazine. Racing through the last of the rewrites of Slitheen, plus gather materials for an exciting new venture that has yet to be announced... So back unto the grindstone.


Le Mc said...

Aww, no one else wanted it? I love it!

Thanks again for your help with the mag--I never would have gotten it done without that.

Thanks for including the link as well.

Anonymous said...

More to the point, can you teach a cat morse code?
Stuck in NY at the moment, but enjoy Chicago (and wrap up warm). See you in a few weeks