Friday, February 17, 2006

300 and 9

Do this morning was rather sweet, though the grooms were both wearing sweaters.

Nipped off afterward to a gig near Waterloo, and this afternoon I’ve learnt something. They’ve changed how you calculate UCAS points.

In 1994 I had 24 points (and got seven rejections on one day). According to this helpful calculator, my stock’s now at 300.

A rise of merely 1250% in 12 years. I should have invested.

Also, got sent this list which is as baffling as it is brilliant. The boss says he’ll check to see if it’s in any way not Damn, Damn Lies. But blimey.

(Historical note, in case the page is updated or I happen to wake up: Gardner’s top 10 bestsellers this month has Time Travellers at number 9. I’m fast catching up Dan Brown, Penny Vincenzi and a book of Scrabble challenges. And I beat that Cartmel fellow, too.)


Scottie said...

Can't be bad, can it?!

Oddly, never seen a copy in Borders... Evidently we don't read books in Birmingham unless they feature the Ninth Doctor...

Ho hum!

Greg said...

I'm hoping they don't decide to throw a spanner in the works for Clearing 2011 along the same lines as changing the p oints. That would cause mass hysteria, probably riots...