Monday, June 06, 2011

AAAGH! and the Racnoss

Putting up my AAAGH! meets Idris comic strip went down well so I've permission from my splendid bosses at Doctor Who Adventures magazine (every Thursday, with free gifts and mayhem) to put up more.

Each week, young Nervil and his robot Mrs Tinkle, find jobs for old Doctor Who monsters. This is my first one, from issue 207 in February. It features the Empress of the Racnoss (from The Runaway Bride), and a joke in the last panel which I came up with when I was little.

Written by me, illustrated by clever Brian Williamson, edited by Paul Lang and Natalie Barnes.

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Le Mc said...

Interesting story: we have some houseguests from Colombia staying with us, the little boy is 4 and cannot speak English. "Eleventh Hour" happened to be on so he was watching it with my boyfriend and was asking about the Atraxi--he seemed fascinating by that most of all. He still occasionally asks us about "Doctor Octopoo."