Monday, September 01, 2008

The Visitation

Doctor Who is stalking me. You can see where he's parked his TARDIS right outside my house.
Luckily, I've been primed to spot this sort of evidence.
"She stood by the nothing at the end of the lane and tried to make herself see it.

It was in an empty yard where a house once stood. There were still blackened remains, an exposed foundation. No one had built anything else on that lot, not ever. Evan had lived there once, but that wasn’t why they were there.

He paced round the square of flattened grass, one hand raised, running fingers over invisible walls.

‘You can’t see it, can you?’ Evan said, smiling a little sadly.

Rebecca reached out a hand, felt nothing..."

Michael Montoure, "Relativity" in Doctor Who & How The Doctor Changed My Life, p. 43.


Le Mc said...

What are the actual measurements there? It looks a little small, even for the TARDIS.

0tralala said...

It's exactly TARDIS-sized. Being that the TARDIS was parked there.