Sunday, June 10, 2007

Word from the coalface

Bernice Summerfield - The Inside Story. My name in big letters.After a great weekend's cutting and pasting - plus a few desperate fact-checking calls - the Inside Story of Bernice Summerfield currently stands at a whopping 76,205 word. So only 123,795 left to be done in the next 20 days. That's 6,189 per day, if any one is counting.

Sight of Alex Mallinson's beautiful cover helps to keep me going. And there's a whole bundle of Benny blurbs and pictures and news at the Big Finish website.

Off to Chelmsford tomorrow to speak to Big Finish's very first customer, and have appointments in posh clubs and Reigate. Just a teensy bit manic, so apologies for the pink, scary eyes. Am trying not to blink.


Spaceminx said...

Oh er that reminds me. Waaaaay back at Gally in LA you said you wanted to have a word with me re Sophia. I'm presuming it was summat to do with said book?


Anonymous said...

And you have at least one pre-order, so you have to finish the book. Expectations are very high, you know.