Saturday, November 05, 2005

Obligatory cat post

A chum complains that, despite nearly 100 posts, this bain't be a proper blog 'cos it doesn't boast cat snaps. Very sincere apologies to you all. To remedy this, here's what I had on my phone. Apologies for the murky quality, but they're what I had on my phone.

28.10.05 - Forgot to shut the office window when I popped out to get milk. Yes, that's his silly tail.21.10.05 - Slut cat allows O. to pay due tribute.27.09.05 - Failed attempt to sign birthday card for M (he's sat on it).10.05.05 - Naw...28.08.04 - The historic, first ever meeting with grass.28.08.04 - Bravely daring to step outside for the first time ever. He sat on this step for about two hours.14.07.04 - Our new arrival, already strutting about like he owns the place.

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Drewshi said...

You have a black cat! I'm finding a number of bloggers with black cats. I used to have one named Lucky. Had her for fifteen years. She passed away last summer. She was my best friend, seeing me through both happiness and sadness as well as the many moves I made. I miss her very much.