Thursday, September 08, 2005

Yes, I have read a poem

A splendid fellow plus-oned me into a press screening of Serenity last night, which is truly magnificent and deserves to do wonders. No spoilers here - just go see the thing. Trust me on this.

A year ago, while the Doctor was off travelling and I hurried to meet the deadline on A Life Worth Living, another chum passed on the box-set of the original TV series. I'd noble ideas about watching an episode a day over lunch, maybe another one each evening for tea, and otherwise getting on with my urgent work.

Not a chance. Watched the whole thing in a day. Damn, it's good: lively, funny, sexy, scary, ambitious, surprising and just plain rude...

(Still met the deadline, though. I'm quite good, too.)

Finally picked up my own copy of the series last week (a snip at £18, upstairs in the Oxford Street HMV). Will bliss myself out watching it again while I wait for the movie to come out proper.

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