Friday, July 01, 2005

Design by Beethoven

BBC News is reporting on the logo for the UK's presidency of the EU. It's an odd sort of non-story, where some people like it, some people don't, some people couldn't care less.

I especially like the last line:
But John Williamson of brand consultants Wolff Olins was scathing about what he said was a sugarcoated image of countries "flying in harmony, shoulder to shoulder".

"This presidency is about re-writing the rules of Europe," he said.

"The difficult decisions that have to be made, the tension, the debate - that's what has to be symbolised somehow.

"Picasso and Beethoven must be turning in their graves."

1 comment:

Liadnan said...

Highly amused by the fact that it now appears the design is somewhat close to the Bruges Group's logo.